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Updated 06/01/21

RAF Sport activity (fixtures, club operations, training camps, Overseas Visits, etc.) is suspended until further notice, with any recommencement unlikely to be before mid-Feb.

This is a return to the conditions of the initial and second lockdowns of last year, with no duty or off duty RAF association or unit level sport (including virtual activity) being permitted. Administration of associations and unit clubs may continue within direction and guidance.

Permission for any exception to this direction, to mitigate future safety or maintenance risk, is to be staffed via the Chair/Responsible Person to DRS for associations and HoE for unit level sport.

Welcome to Bannerdown Gliding Club

We operate from Keevil airfield, which is situated in Wiltshire between Devizes and Westbury. We are an RAF GSA Gliding Club, affiliated with RAF Brize Norton. We welcome personnel from all areas of the armed services, as well as non service people whether you have flying experience or not.

All pilots planning to arrive by air please make note the airfield is 'PPR' and you must follow the guidelines detailed on our location webpage.

Bannerdown Gliding Club is situated just north of the Westbury White Horse ridge which allows for great soaring conditions. This provides excellent opportunities from both the ridge and for thermals. Quite often the local hills produce beautifully smooth wave lift!

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Learn to Fly with Bannerdown Gliding Club!

Keevil airfield is a large and safe environment for training. It offers opportunities for trial lessons on an individual or group basis. Our 'Trial Lesson' vouchers make great gifts! For more information please view the Lessons Section. Our FAQ page is also helpful.

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Junior Membership at Bannerdown only costs £100 per year!
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Take Control - Group Evenings