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Inter-club League – Round Two – Keevil

Round 2 of the Inter-club League was held at Keevil over the weekend 1st and 2st June.  

“Great flying, great beer, great band!”

Results from Rounds Two:

  1. 33pts – Bannerdown Gliding Club, Keevil
  2. 27pts – Mendip Gliding Club, Halesland
  3. 24pts – Bath, Wilts & North Dorset Gliding Club, The Park
  4. 16pts – Devon and Somerset Gliding Club, North Hill
  5. 15pts – Wyvern Gliding Club, Upavon
  6. 5pts – Dartmoor Gliding Society, Dartmoor

Overall Results after Round Two:

  1. 46pts – Bannerdown Gliding Club, Keevil
  2. 39pts – Bath, Wilts & North Dorset Gliding Club, The Park
  3. 36pts – Mendip Gliding Club, Halesland
  4. 27pts – Devon and Somerset Gliding Club, North Hill
  5. 26pts – Wyvern Gliding Club, Upavon
  6. 7pts – Dartmoor Gliding Society, Dartmoor

The next round takes place 22nd and 23rd June hosted by Devon and Somerset Gliding Club at North Hill.

A few thanks that need to be passed on:

  • Ali Arnold and Jo Geraghty for keeping everybody fed and watered throughout the weekend.
  • Ian Harris for all his help from the initial meeting to organizing the band, beer and many other essential details.
  • Steve Tape for the fantastic tasks set, scoring the event – and doing the Met (maybe we overworked him a little!!)
  • Al Stacey for being Director.
  • The Scouts for their hard work they were much appreciated
  • Andy for entering Keevil into the ICL
  • Kate Lomas for the music
  • All the other club members who helped out!
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Soaring Week and more

There have been more achievements over the last few weeks:

  • Paul Jones flew his 50k to complete his Silver Badge,
  • Frank Soowamber flew (and flew) over 14 hours in a week.  He did his Silver height twice, and yes, he did achieve his 5 hours in that time!
  • Luke knight converted to the K18
  • Paul Randall got his 2 hour XC endorsement flight.
  • Mike Edwards did a 500km flight.
  • Tom Dews completed his Silver by doing a 120 km triangle (with a 50km leg).
  • Mike nearly took the wrong trailer to get the K18 from a field!
  • Ben and Gaz passed exams towards their NPPL.

There are no doubt some missing – well done to all!

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Interclub League – Round One

Bannerdown Gliding Club took part in the Interclub League at the weekend.  Round One took place at The Park,  home of Bath, Wilts & North Dorset Gliding Club.  The un-official results after round one are:

  1. 15pts – Bath, Wilts & North Dorset Gliding Club, The Park
  2. 13pts – Bannerdown Gliding Club, Keevil
  3. 11pts – Devon and Somerset Gliding Club, North Hill
  4. 11pts – Wyvern Gliding Club, Upavon
  5. 9pts – Mendip Gliding Club, Halesland
  6. 2pts – Dartmoor Gliding Society, Dartmoor

Taking part for Bannerdown were Andrew Smith in 271, Mike Edwards in 808 and Ben Dews in GEB.

We compete at home for Round Two as the competition comes to Keevil on the 2nd & 3rd of June!

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Has Summer finally started?

The first of the May Bank Holiday weekends and what is hopefully the start of Summer.

Some of our more adventurous pilot flew out to Peterborough (100nm away).

A few soared upwards gaining their Silver Heights.

Mike Swanson gained his Basic Instructor rating.

Mike Edwards was checked out on tugging in Falke.

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Everything was in the air!

The sun shone as forecast on Saturday and Sunday and all available aircraft were taken to the launch point (R12, R32, R3, 547, JA, HKB, V17, G7, 271, ST, 808 and WB981).

Pretty soon, with the strong thermals, they were all in the air.   Even the T-21, WB981, was soaring away – clocking up several hours flying.

Congratulations to Paul Rees-Jones on completing his Silver Duration (5hrs) in the K18.

More weekends like that please!

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16 on its travels – just off the south coast heading towards Exeter

The cloud streets were a few miles off shore so we followed the weather! Unfortunately, we ended up in a field at Shepton Mallet but covered 212 km in 3:14 hrs. This is why we have the glider and it was a great flight! Hopefully more to follow through this season…

The South Coast from 16

16 in a field near Shepton Mallet

Date posted: April 7, 2013 by Carl

Our new Duo Discus had arrived!

The much anticipated new Duo Discus has finally arrived on site just in time for the weekend.  Pic’s to follow…..

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Turbo Charging for the new 16.

Getting Logstar to charge for Turbo Minutes is ‘work in progress’. At the moment, the cost should be added by manually adding to the launch or soaring fee. The maths is easy – it’s £1/tacho minute.

This put the onus on pilots to be honest and own up to having run the Turbo and DIs to chase etc. It also means that the incoming pilot would be advised to check the Hobbs meter against the Turbo note book (currently with the Logbook in the parachute room, all ready to go) and haggle with the out going pilot!

Date posted: March 11, 2013 by Carl

FD Fuel


Mark Critchlow and I have been discussing the best fuel for FD and its brand new engine – this was prompted by the research into the best fuel to use of the Duo’s Turbo.

I’ve read the Rotax Service Instruction (S.I.),SI-912-016 – Selection of suitable operating fluids for Rotax engine type 912i, 912 and 914 (Series), found here; Rotax 912S can be run on RON 95 fuel as the minimum standard. Nothing to say we can’t use a higher spec if we chose to do so.

Oscar did a bit of investigative work into the RON rating of unleaded fuel typically available at forecourt pumps and has advised that ‘normal’ unleaded is often lower than RON 95 and quite variable from forecourt to forecourt.

To be assured that the fuel we put into FD is ‘at least RON 95’ it seems that the best option is to use Premium unleaded fuel. I know this will be a few pounds more expensive per bowser run but if it meets the requirement, its got to be the right choice. It might also give FD a tiny bit more power – never a bad thing.

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ASK21 Aerobatics and recording

Calling all Aeros pilots, Logkeepers and Inspectors….PLEASE READ

The BGA has issued advice about the structural lifing policy for the K21 and how aerobatic flying influences edibility for subsequent structural life extension. The implications for K21 operators is that aerobatic flights need to be recorded. All pilots/logkeepers need to do is use the comments function in Logstar (press F2) and the record the fact that aerobatics were flown on a particular flight – nothing more. There is no need to comment on what’s been flown, G recordings etc – this is all taken care by a series of simple assumptions issued by the manufacturer and the BGA.

Inspectors – I will write a ‘how to guide’ to live in the front of the Archive but I would like an aerobatic count made at each ARC. Once I work out how Logstar can do this for us, it should be quick and easy to do and it will protect the resale value of our K21 for the future.

If you’re really interested, follow these links:

Date posted: March 10, 2013 by Carl