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Steve and Bob compete at Bicester Regionals

Steve Tape, flying his mighty DG200, finished 3rd in the Sport class at the 2013 Regionals held at Bicester.   Flying over 5 days with short tasks due to weather.  Only three of the days scored reasonable points with Steve winning the last two.

Bob Bromwich flew in the Open class in 290.   He placed a 2nd and 1st on days two and three.

Well done to both!

Date posted: August 12, 2013 by admin

Silver Completion

Frank Soowamber flew his 50km leg from Halton to Winstone to complete his Silver Badge.


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Gaz finishes in Second Place

Congratulations to Gaz Baker for finishing in 2nd Place in the 16th International Military Gliding Competition 2013.   The competition held in Holzdorf, Germany flew 8 competition days.

Gaz, the only British pilot in the competition, finished on 5687 points, just 134 behind the leader.

Well done!

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Follow Gaz…..

Bannerdown club member Gaz Baker is currently competing in the 16th International Military Gliding Competition being at Holzdorf, Germany.

The results after Day 7, put Gaz in second place in his class on 5522 points, 262 points behind the leader but only 49 points ahead of 3rd place.

To follow his progress through the last few days of the competition – click here.

Date posted: July 24, 2013 by admin

ASK21 ‘R12’ and LS8-18m ‘R3’

Given their age and condition of gel the RAFGSA is making plans to refinish both R12 and R3 over this coming winter. There is a catch, the RAFGSA makes an assessment whether or not a club will repay its investment by looking after gliders, whether refinished or not so we must look after them!

Date posted: July 19, 2013 by Carl

Inter Club League Round 4 – Upavon

Round 4 of the Interclub league was hosted at Upavon by Wyvern Gliding Club this weekend.

Results will follow soon.

547 in a field.



Date posted: July 15, 2013 by admin

Friday Group Evening Flying in the Sun

The airfield was baked in sunshine on Friday with temperatures in high 20’s for our Friday Evening Group Trial Lesson flying.

With the RAF having Hercules drops planned for the morning and again late evening – we had a limited window in which to fly the thirteen guests.

With that in mind, and the opportunity to get in a launch or two before the start, the airfield was setup with the K21, K13 and the Duo Discus ready at the launch point – well in advance of the visitors arrival.

After the flying, our guests joined us for a BBQ on the clubhouse deck.  An enjoyable evening in the sun with a Hercules doing a couple of drops in the background.

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16 Duo Discus XLT Trailer ‘Gotya’


Last Monday I had to move the Duo from Keevil to RAF Halton. As I pulled away from the junction at the bottom of the lane from Steeple Ashton on to the A350 the trailer dropped off the Centre van. Fortunately I was doing about 2 mph and the trailer brake worked perfectly, stopping the trailer within its own length. The approaching traffic managed to stop in time and our Duo was safe although I think I have probably aged from the whole experience. We had taken the trailer off the back of the Centre van to put kit in the van. When I put the trailer back on the van I checked everything including that the ‘indicator’ was proud and that I couldn’t lift the tow bar up off the hitch; an experienced Chilean glider pilot also did the same and was happy. The only explanation we could find was that whilst the indicator can be seen to be ‘up’, it has to be ‘fully up’ otherwise the trailer won’t be properly locked on. ‘Fully up’ means around 5 mm or more. I have replaced the break-away cable and, if need be, will replace the jockey wheel as wheel. Learn from my near miss!

Date posted: July 7, 2013 by Carl

Inter Club League Round 3 – Scrubbed

Devon and Somerset Gliding Club hosted round Three of the Inter Club League at the weekend.   Although the flying was scrubbed due to the weather – pilots from Mendip and Bannerdown made the trip to North Hill for the evening entertainment.

Round Four is hosted by Wyvern Gliding Club at Upavon on 13th-14th July.

Date posted: June 25, 2013 by admin

Attention all Duo Discus pilots

With immediate effect, no suction mounts are to be used on the inside of 16’s canopy.

The force required to set and seal a suction cup mount for a PDA/PNA on the inside of the canopy is believed to have contributed to the recent failure of the canopy hinge.

Pilots are to be reminded the LX system, complete with a colour display cost over £5k (and there is always a map) 😉

Date posted: June 10, 2013 by Carl