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Charlotte converts to single seaters

Charlotte Acton added her name to the list of members qualified to fly the K18 on Saturday.

After demonstrating to instructor Oscar Constable her flying ability in the two seat K13 and being briefed on the difference she completed three good flights in the K18.

Well Done!


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Neil Geraghty completes his Silver

Well done to Neil Geraghty  who flew his 50km distance leg, flying from Frome to Rivar Hill.

K18 at Rivar Hill

Neil has now completed all three Legs of his BGA Silver Badge, having already achieved the Height Gain and Duration.

Well Done!

Date posted: July 28, 2014 by admin

EASA Licensing – Update…

Some of you will have seen that the BGA have a proposal going through to extend the deadline for EASA licensing and “Approved Training organisation” to April 2018 (Not 2015 like originally planned).

Please note, this is only a proposal at this stage and will not be agreed till October.

My advice, stick to the current deadline. We will all need EASA licences so its not a waste. I would hate to get to October and find we then all have to rush if the proposal is declined.

Please visit the BGA webpage on Licencing

Why not ask others that already have new licences? Neil G and Carl P have already been through the process…. and our Licencing GURU Andy Miller may also be able to provide advice.

Please note, this is only my recommendation. Nothing is final until the proposal is reviewed in October.

Many Thanks
Ian Harris

Date posted: July 22, 2014 by admin

EASA Licensing

Back in early January a few of you may remember me taking quite few aerotows.

This was because after reading the BGA guide, for conversion to the new EASA licence (coming into play April 2015) I realised that I was short of the required amount of aerotows needed to have that rating, 12 are required, I only had one.
Once that was done I had to look into a medical, I found a place in Marlborough, there are others on the CAA website. Again, what you need medical wise is laid in the BGA guide.
Once I had everything I needed, I took all the paperwork to Ian Harris to check and sign.  A task he enjoyed with great vigour!
It is a relatively easy process if you follow the guide on the BGA website, I would however do it now, not leave it until the last minute, as there will be a lot of others doing the same. Without the license with the correct ratings you will not be able to fly a G reg glider after April 2015.
The minimum requirement for the license is, Bronze and cross country endorsement.
You end up with a lovely shiny wallet and a license.

If anyone has any questions, I’m quite happy to help, if I can!
Neil Geraghty
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The achievements keep coming…

This weekend it was Robert and Tony.

Robert Tomaszek, who started flying with Bannerdown less than a year ago, converted to the K18 on Saturday.   It seems he likes the machine too.   He went soaring for 2 hours on Sunday!  Robert will be able to claim this flight towards his BGA Bronze & Cross Country endorsement.

Tony attaching cable for Robert in the K18

Tony Barber, pictured attaching the cable,  took the K13 solo and achieved his Silver height.   We are pretty sure Robert did too – only the logger trace will tell!

Well done to both!


Date posted: July 6, 2014 by admin

A new Full Cat Instructor and a new DCFI

Alison Arnold, flying with Pete Desmond, completed her BGA Full Cat Instructor rating at the weekend.

As announced at the AGM, Alison has been appointed as Bannerdown’s Deputy Chief Flying Instructor.  Now that she has her Full Cat rating she can officially take up the role.


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Interclub League – Keevil

Bannerdown hosted the Interclub league at the weekend.

Saturday morning started with rain showers, and you would have been forgiven for thinking that it was going to be another scrubbed weekend.  However the weather men were correct!  The showers cleared and after lunch a task was briefed and the competitors were wasting no time getting airborne.

ICL Keevil 2014

After Jo and Jess had worked their magic in the Kitchen, the clubhouse remained full with good beer, music and perhaps a few tales.

Sunday again brought another flying day, although perhaps a little windy.

Results so far:

  1. Bath and Wilts – 37pts
  2. Bannerdown – 34pts
  3. Wyvern – 22pts
  4. Devon and Somerset – 18pts
  5. Mendip – 11pts
  6. Dartmoor – 8pts

The next round of the ICL is hosted by Devon and Somerset Gliding Club at North Hill on 28th/29th June.   Club members who want to complete in either the Pundit, Intermediate or Novice classes should contact Andy Smith.


Date posted: June 11, 2014 by admin

The achievements keep coming…

Mark Peters completed his 5 hour duration flight towards his Silver badge on Sunday.   After about four hours it was starting to look a bit more challenging with an overcast sky (looking up from the airfield anyway), but we didn’t see him back until well after the five hours. Well Done.

Sam Davies converted to the K18 – well done.  He didn’t seem too impressed with his first flight. It was a short flight with a Police helicopter buzzing around the airfield trying to find an accident. So he took another launch and went soaring for a bit – nice one.

Date posted: June 2, 2014 by admin

Another First Solo!

Congratulations to Adam Day on his first solo.

 Adam Day's first Solo

And to quote “I got much higher without the instructor in the back”

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Not much Soaring but Aero’s instead…

The weather didn’t play ball for the planned “Soaring Week” at Bannerdown.  However there was still a tally of achievements for the week.

Guy Westgate visited to teach the Standard Aerobatics Badge.  Congratulations to Jon Lomas, Jon Pickering, Tim Dews and  Jake Mathews visiting from Seahawk Gliding Club (RNAS Culdrose).  More club members are progressing through their training too!

Having Fun

We shouldn’t forget Sam Arnold’s solo, on her 14th Birthday!

Well done to all!


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