Bannerdown News - From December 2015

Christmas Course Day 3

Xmas course day 3 Winching today. Well done to Mike Edwards on the exercises for his Gliding Aerobatics Badge. Well done to Neil Geraghty for his development of aerobatics. Once he learned to be “forceful” it went well. Not many candidates this year but three good days.

Neil on Tow

A rather nervous Neil on tow.

Thanks to all for coming out. Was very enjoyable.


Date posted: December 29, 2015 by admin

Christmas Course Day 2

What a day! R32, R12, R20, 840, BJ and R10 out flying.

Today’s success was Aden Jones completing his Bronze XC endorsement.

As for the wave. Wow. At one point we had all gliders between 6 and 11 thousand feet!

Cloud running with Mike Swanson

Simon in 840 at 10,000 feet

Date posted: December 28, 2015 by admin