Bannerdown News - From January 2015

Its always nice to be able to help a neighbour…..

The weekend we were joined by a K13 and members from Shalbourne Gliding Club who fly from Rivar Hill. Rivar Hill is a regular turning point for us and often the destination early cross country pilots use as a destination for their Silver Distance attempts.

K13 from Shalbourne

With their winches in winter maintenance and requiring more attention than first thought, they have no way to launch – so they are visiting us. Making use of the chance to aerotow as well!

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New Year – New Aircraft

R10, a Schemp-Hirth Discus CS, arrived at Keevil this weekend. R10 replaces 547 which is being sold. R10 had a refurbishment in 2010 and is in very good condition.

R10 Arrives

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