Bannerdown News - From December 2013

Logbook Manager


I am looking for a volunteer for a quick, easy and repetitive job. Once a month we need to update the Club glider logbooks with the total hours flown and launches made by each glider. Using the Logstar Stats programme this will take about five minutes (for all six gliders) and then about the same time to write these figures on the DI sheet in the relevant logbook.

Can you help? I’m DI on Sunday and please let me know if you could take on this easy but really helpful task.  I will provide full training!


Date posted: December 9, 2013 by Carl

Upgrades continue…

The RAF GSA is sending Bannerdown’s K21, R12, to have it’s surface re-finished – in the mean time we have a loaner from Halton, R28,

R12 will be back next year looking like new.

Date posted: December 7, 2013 by admin

So long old faithful club vehicles

With the introduction of the Skylaunch Retrieve Winch system,  Bannerdown no longer needs vehicles to tow cables from the winch to the launch point. So the club said farewell to two of it’s older ground vehicles last week.

Fire Truck Retreive Truck

Date posted: by admin