Bannerdown News - From June 2013

Inter Club League Round 3 – Scrubbed

Devon and Somerset Gliding Club hosted round Three of the Inter Club League at the weekend.   Although the flying was scrubbed due to the weather – pilots from Mendip and Bannerdown made the trip to North Hill for the evening entertainment.

Round Four is hosted by Wyvern Gliding Club at Upavon on 13th-14th July.

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Attention all Duo Discus pilots

With immediate effect, no suction mounts are to be used on the inside of 16’s canopy.

The force required to set and seal a suction cup mount for a PDA/PNA on the inside of the canopy is believed to have contributed to the recent failure of the canopy hinge.

Pilots are to be reminded the LX system, complete with a colour display cost over £5k (and there is always a map) 😉

Date posted: June 10, 2013 by Carl

Inter-club League – Round Two – Keevil

Round 2 of the Inter-club League was held at Keevil over the weekend 1st and 2st June.  

“Great flying, great beer, great band!”

Results from Rounds Two:

  1. 33pts – Bannerdown Gliding Club, Keevil
  2. 27pts – Mendip Gliding Club, Halesland
  3. 24pts – Bath, Wilts & North Dorset Gliding Club, The Park
  4. 16pts – Devon and Somerset Gliding Club, North Hill
  5. 15pts – Wyvern Gliding Club, Upavon
  6. 5pts – Dartmoor Gliding Society, Dartmoor

Overall Results after Round Two:

  1. 46pts – Bannerdown Gliding Club, Keevil
  2. 39pts – Bath, Wilts & North Dorset Gliding Club, The Park
  3. 36pts – Mendip Gliding Club, Halesland
  4. 27pts – Devon and Somerset Gliding Club, North Hill
  5. 26pts – Wyvern Gliding Club, Upavon
  6. 7pts – Dartmoor Gliding Society, Dartmoor

The next round takes place 22nd and 23rd June hosted by Devon and Somerset Gliding Club at North Hill.

A few thanks that need to be passed on:

  • Ali Arnold and Jo Geraghty for keeping everybody fed and watered throughout the weekend.
  • Ian Harris for all his help from the initial meeting to organizing the band, beer and many other essential details.
  • Steve Tape for the fantastic tasks set, scoring the event – and doing the Met (maybe we overworked him a little!!)
  • Al Stacey for being Director.
  • The Scouts for their hard work they were much appreciated
  • Andy for entering Keevil into the ICL
  • Kate Lomas for the music
  • All the other club members who helped out!
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Soaring Week and more

There have been more achievements over the last few weeks:

  • Paul Jones flew his 50k to complete his Silver Badge,
  • Frank Soowamber flew (and flew) over 14 hours in a week.  He did his Silver height twice, and yes, he did achieve his 5 hours in that time!
  • Luke knight converted to the K18
  • Paul Randall got his 2 hour XC endorsement flight.
  • Mike Edwards did a 500km flight.
  • Tom Dews completed his Silver by doing a 120 km triangle (with a 50km leg).
  • Mike nearly took the wrong trailer to get the K18 from a field!
  • Ben and Gaz passed exams towards their NPPL.

There are no doubt some missing – well done to all!

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