Bannerdown News - From April 2013

Everything was in the air!

The sun shone as forecast on Saturday and Sunday and all available aircraft were taken to the launch point (R12, R32, R3, 547, JA, HKB, V17, G7, 271, ST, 808 and WB981).

Pretty soon, with the strong thermals, they were all in the air.   Even the T-21, WB981, was soaring away – clocking up several hours flying.

Congratulations to Paul Rees-Jones on completing his Silver Duration (5hrs) in the K18.

More weekends like that please!

Date posted: April 24, 2013 by admin

16 on its travels – just off the south coast heading towards Exeter

The cloud streets were a few miles off shore so we followed the weather! Unfortunately, we ended up in a field at Shepton Mallet but covered 212 km in 3:14 hrs. This is why we have the glider and it was a great flight! Hopefully more to follow through this season…

The South Coast from 16

16 in a field near Shepton Mallet

Date posted: April 7, 2013 by Carl