Bannerdown News - From October 2012

Glider Maintenance Planning


The Club glider maintenance dates have been added to the paper year planner on the notice board outside the workshop. If you need workshop space to work on a private glider through the winter, please add your dates to the year planner. Act now to save disappointment!

Date posted: October 28, 2012 by Carl

Calling All Discus Pilots….

The Discus main-wheel tyre is worn and needs replacing.  In addition, the tail-wheel hub is mis-shapen and requires replacement.  There are new main-wheel tyres in the workshop stock cupboard and a new tail-wheel has been ordered (Jon Arnold is hoping to collect it from Southern Sailplanes on Friday 2 Nov).  Unfortunately we will be losing some flying days to other airfield users so why not use this time, find a friendly glider inspector and help keep your glider in tip top condition!

Date posted: October 27, 2012 by admin


More success at Bannerdown at the weekend:

Mark Peters gained his SLMG rating – well done!

Gina Corp, 16, flew her first ‘conventional glider’ solo in the K21.  Not her first solo though, as the day before she had been solo in an Air Cadet Vigilant (Grob 109b Motorglider) with 618 VGS at Odiham.

Gina joined Bannerdown as part of the Guild of Air Pilots and Navigators (GAPAN) Scholarship.

Fantastic – two solo’s in one weekend – Well Done!

Gina Corp after her first solo with Instructor Steve Tape

Gina Corp after her first solo with Instructor Steve Tape


Bannerdown is an Accredited Junior Gliding Centre



Date posted: October 22, 2012 by admin

Calling All Members….

The LS8 will undergo its annual maintenance on the weekend of 17-18 Nov 12.  Gaz Baker will be working on the glider on Sat 17 Nov and both carl Peters and Gaz will be working on the glider on Sunday 18 Nov.  Many hands make light work so all LS8 pilots or aspiring LS8 pilots are encouraged to come give a hand  – even if you can only help for an hour, it will be very much appreciated!  Helping out is also a great way to learn a bit more about how our gliders are put together and work.

Carl Peters will then be doing the ‘Airworthiness Review Review’ on Sunday 2 Dec (rain or shine).  Any inspector who is thinking about applying for the ARC authorisation or private owner which wants to know a bit more about what the ARC is more than welcome to come along and ‘sit in on the process’.

Catch Carl or Gaz at the Club or via e-mail to co-ordinate helping out for a bit – put it in your diaries; glider annual maintenance happens only once a year so don’t miss the chance to get involved 😉

Date posted: October 17, 2012 by admin

All Change!

Mike Swanson has taken over from Jon Butler as club Secretary. We would like to thank Jon for his dedication to date and welcome Mike Swanson into the role.

We also welcome Neil Geraghty as the new Civilian Representative member on the Committee, a post that has been vacant for a short while.

Gaz Baker is also now officially announced as the Parachute Member for the club, although he was voted in at the AGM in 2010, yes – he has been doing this role for some time – it was never minuted.

Ken Reid has decided to step down as DCFI & Safety Officer. We thank Ken for his efforts over the years.   With people at GSA clubs having so much commitment elsewhere, there will now be two DCFI positions.  First into one of these roles will be Steve Tape.  Those that know Steve Tape will realise his exceptional commitment to Bannerdown from club soaring weeks and expeditions.  The second DCFI position and Safety Member are currently vacant.

Date posted: October 16, 2012 by admin