Bannerdown News - From June 2012

Soaring Week Day 4

We have built an Arc – and loading up the animals. Some went to the Fleet air arm museum, some braved busy Bath and Adam handed some spanners to Andy S to fix Adam’s car. There may be some hope ahead for tomorrow………


Date posted: June 5, 2012 by CFI

Soaring Week Day 3

Not as many Km’s as hoped…… but more than Lasham! 🙂 Andy went the furthest landing out at Hullavington. Bob Brain was the hog of the day with 1:52 in the K18. Achievements for the day were

Jon Butler – Bronze XC Completed and Discus Conversion

Mark Peters – Bronze XC Completion

The evening finished off with Tim bringing his balloon over and allowing some to “Hop” the length of the airfield. The bar was then used to play Met Roulette (which would later prove that we won!)

Date posted: by CFI

Soaring Week Day 2


Ian & Pete managed a quick 8 minute trip to Wing Farm to do our Falke’s 50 Hours. Thanks to Tim Dews for his guidance and use of Workshop. Fingers crossed for some nicer weather for tomorrow

Date posted: June 3, 2012 by CFI

Soaring Week Day 1

The day started off with low cloud but did clear by mid-day for us to start flying. A resonable turn out for shabby day. The cloud was 8/8 cover although as soon as Andy Miller did 20 mins Steve Tape went off on his planned mammoth task of 28.6k. Adam “Beer”isford, Adam Clarke, Jon Arnold and Ted Richards all did their field landing days in the Falke. The weather ahead looks for some interesting planning. Well done to Paul Rees-Jones who completed his Bronze and XC Endorsement. Our First Soaring week Achievement.

Date posted: June 2, 2012 by CFI