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Weekend 18th/19th February

Saturday was a somewhat windy day, with only the K13 emerging from the hanger for a couple of aerotows behind the Faulke to allow Terry and Mark to commence their 5yr instructor checks with Pete Desmond.  By midday the rain arrived so club chores were underway; the Janus was derigged for it’s annual and our K18 was rigged after getting some new clothes.  Still a little to do before it’s ready to fly, but it’s almost there!

We had ou club AGM on saturday night which all ran very smoothly, with freshly cooked pizzas from the mobile clay oven.  Details of the club trophy awards will follow shortly.

Sunday; the first thermals of 2012?  All the available club gliders were out.  Some people were ridge soaring, others attempting some wave soaring and in the end everyone was thermalling in 6-7kts.  Steve Tape just about made it to Nympsfield and back, others were soaring around the Lyneham/Chippenham area.  Also, on the day, Ben Dews converted to the Discus, which I believe was a 1.5hr soaring trip.  Lot’s of soaring, instructor checks, annual checks and scout flying, the day finished as the light failed. On the whole a brilliant day.

Also, not forgetting the new bus was out at the launchpoint today, excellent work from Merv and Shaun, Thank you!

The new bus


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28/29th January 2012

A sunny, but cold day on Saturday, but plenty of members out on the airfield. Much of the day was spent with instructors in the backseat and members getting on with their annual checks, lots of walking and pushing gliders about.  Jo G. supplied the rather cold members with a great stew (with obligatory dumplings) after flying, a great winter warmer, thanks Jo.

Sunday morning was foggy so the kit stayed undercover for most of the day.  However, in the meantime everyone was beavering away at some of the club tasks that required attention, mainly with the K18.  thanks to Al (painting the glider and himself!!), Steve T, Jonno W, Bob B, Sam R, Oscar, Jon A, Brain P, Terry B, Ben D, Tom D and everyone else that was there to help, the K18 is coming along nicely.

In the afternoon the fog had lifted a little, which allowed the Eon Primary to come out, with a few conversions including, I believe?  The Dews posse, Bob Bromwich (apparently still prefers his ASG29) and Sam Roddie.  If Sam asks Al nicely he may be able to use it for the club class nationals?  Just an idea.

Finally news from abroad.  As some of you are aware two of our members, Ted Richards and Carl Peters, are flying with the Chilian airforce (in gliders) in Chile, there blogs/stories so far are included at the following web address and is well worth a read.

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