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Saturday 24 December

A very cold but dry day. A few individuals braved the elements to fly the K21 and K18. Ron Peach completed his bi-annual in the Falke with Pete Desmond. Alex Richards the RAFGSA chairman’s eldest daughter achieved her first solo in the K21. The first person to do so since the arrival of the retrieve winch.
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Weekend 17/18th December

We had a good hard frost on both mornings with freezing rain on Saturday morning.  We had some good flying on both days with lots of training.  Although it was cold on the airfield it seemed to warm-up as the day progressed, or maybe that was the hypothermia setting in.  We managed in excess of 60 launches on Sunday even after the slow start in the morning due to the ice.  Mike Knell and Carl Peters (who took an aerotow to 6,500ft) took aerotows to hunt out some wave but nothing strong enough was found.

Achievements for the weekend:

  • Mark Peters completed his Bronze-C and converted to the K18
  • Adam Clarke converted to the LS-8
  • Our CFI, Ian Harris, completed his NPPL flying skills test in the Faulke (apparently he can fly!), which means that his NPPL is now complete, well done!

Ali and Jo organised a Christmas meal on Saturday which was wonderful, with mulled wine, jackets with chicken in a sauce followed by desserts and way too much cheese and port.  Deliceous, thanks.


As we saw this weekend the airfield can get very icey so please drive (and walk!) carefully and take your time. Not only does the airfield get icey, but the road to the airfield gets icey, as one member found out as they sailed past the turn-off to the airfield on Speirs Piece due to black ice.  I’ve done that before myself…

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Sunday 4th December

Well, we waited in bated breath whether it was going to wave again today, but with a little south in the wind it wasn’t on.

However, we did manage a good number of flights today, both for training and annual checks.  We did finish a little early as the rains came and washed us out.

Also, we have to welcome our newest member, Steve Holmes, who joined after his trial lesson last week.  Looks like Steve has been biten by the gliding bug.  Thanks to Carl and Gaz who spent the weekend beavering away in the workshop on R3.

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Saturday 3rd December – WOW!

WOW! is the best way of describing Saturday.

After rigging the K21 following it’s annual fettling and paperwork, we began winch launching with some signs of wave present.  However, it didn’t seem like that a winch launch was going to surffice as we were deffinantly in the down part of the wave!

Al turning up and we tried to aerotow into the wave, it worked.  It was waving from the edge of the danger zone at Westbury all the way up past Melksham with a hot spot at Trowbridge, over Tesco’s of course.  Eventually we had G1, 16, 547, R12, K21 and the Faulke all wave soaring.  Heights achieved varied from 6,000ft to 11,800ft (see for traces).  The wave continued, but we were forced to land due to fading light.

See the image below taken from 11,800ft (2.2 statute miles) up and some what chilly.

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End of Movember – Neil

Please see Neil’s final picture for Movember!

He wants to thank all club members who donated money to the Movember cause.

Although I think Jo is glad its coming off soon!

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