Bannerdown News - From October 2011

Bob Bromwich’s Trip to Wales

Bob Bromwich made an expedition to Lleweni Parc in Denbighshire, North wales over the weekend 15th/16th October, and had over 6 hours of great gliding including ridge, thermal and wave over spectacular countryside and mountain scenery.

The gliding site near Denbigh is ideally located to pick up wave from the Welsh mountains to the west of the airfield.  A winch launch from the tarmac strip there gave enough height to glide to the Clwydian hills which were ideal for ridge soaring in a westerly breeze and for a starting point to get into the wave. The wave from the mountains in the area makes for a clear sky, and usually very good  gliding conditions. Because the airfield is only just over 3 hours drive from keevil, it thus is an attractive expedition site, and worth comparing with other possibilities within this driving distance from Keevil.

Checkout the website at:
and contact Bob Bromwich if you would like to participate in a Bannerdown club weekend expedition next spring?

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Sunday 16th October

First Launch was at 0915hrs.  We had the air scouts along again, who had a great time and helped at the launch point, which was much appreciated.  Also, I think we had three trial lessons?  We had a lot of gliders out; Janus, K13, K18, K21, ST, G1, HKB, GEB and T31.  With good soaring conditions to an amazing 2,500ft…  Jon Arnold managed Frome-Pewsey in the Janus.

Pete Desmond convert to an ASW27 and Tom Dew converted to the Astir CS77 for first single seater, first glass single seater, first retractable, first tinted canopy, first single seater winch launch, first glass single seater winch launch, first soaring trip in a single seater, first soaring trip in a glass single seater, first soaring trip in a glasss single seater with a tinted canopy, first …       Ding, ding, ding, ding…

Last but not least a message for Tim Dews, Ian Harris and Sam Arnold:  Bounce, bounce, thud, squash… (some will know what I mean ).

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Saturday 15th October

Another great day (especially for late October) with plenty of thermal soaring.  First launch was at 0845hrs!!!  Steve Tape managed 4.5hours in ST and headed off to the Southwest, past the park, although he did suffer some electrical problems.  Andy Miller attempted a 105km task (KEE-BRF-HUN-KEE) in 271, although aborted near Calne as conditions were getting sketchy.

Tom Dews managed over 2hrs in the K13 after his first solo winch launch, therefore gaining a bronze soaring leg and cross-country endorsement soaring leg.  Ben Dews, Tim Dews and John Butler all converted to the T31.  Ian Harris and possibly Jon Arnold (can’t remember if he flew one before!) converted to an ASW27.

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Friday 14th October

The mid-week flyers were out on Friday rather than the normal Wednesday/Thursday, with launching beginning at midday.  Cumulus was reported to 3,500ft from 1400hrs onwards so plenty of soaring.  A few flew off in the direction of Pewsey including Steve Tape with Dave Ockenden, Phil Goodwin in V17 and Phil woods in 547.

Al rigged his T31 MkIII with conversions for Ian Harris and Andy Smith.

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Saturday 1st October

What a nice day, sun was out the sky was blue and the high pressure system managed to keep a lid on the thermal production.  However, makes a pleasant change from the previous weeks weather.

Although the conditions weren’t condusive for soaring there was wave present.  I took an earlish aerotow to 4,500ft over by Westbury and played in the weak wave for 2.5hours between 2,700ft and 4,600ft with climbs avrying between 0.2knots to 1.7knots.  The instruments were measuring the upper wind as 196°/21knots.  However, it didn’t seem possible to climb from the  winch launch into the wave.

We managed lots of flights on Saturday with lots of training and some short soaring trips below the inversion.  One of our newer members, Mark form Warminster, has been progressing well with his training and I believe had ago at his first landing on Saturday with Ian.  Thanks to all those members driving the winch/retrieve and keeping the launch point moving.  Also HKB was out Mooo..ving around the sky!!!

Thanks again to Jo and Ali for feeding during the evening with a full-on Bar-B-Q, cooked by our CFI, Ian.  Thanks again, it was “skill on toast“.

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