Bannerdown News - From September 2011

Saturday 17th September

Showers! Heavy ones! We did get the Falke out to fly atrial lesson, and some members were lucky enough to find the odd window in the weather to enjoy an aerotow. Thanks to Al for towing….although he diverted to avoid a shower and sat at Urchfont strip for a while…

Sadly Nicholas said goodbye on Saturday as he’s returning to his native land, Germany.  Hopefully we will see him again soon.

Saturday was rounded off with a great Chilli cooked up by Jo followed by a tasty dessert with lashings of squirty cream, well at least I had lots of squirty cream…  Thanks Jo.

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Sunday 18th September

We had four trial lessons and four Scouts on Sunday and all went very well, with smiles all round.  The Scouts have flown with us before and have deffinately got the knack of flying gliders and should be flying some more advanced lessons on their next visit.

The showers developed again in the afternoon so it became a sequence of fly, run for shelter, dry glider, fly… etc.  But those who wanted to fly all filled their boots.  The ridge was apparently working (Al), to a dizzying height of 800ft.  Also Simon was back for the weekend so great to see him back in a glider and the Falke.

Some special thanks are also due from the weekend:

Bob Bromwich – Hoovering the hanger (Yes Hoovering) and Brian for his handy work with the brush (Brian spent his time sweeping and did not come to fly)

Bob Bromwich – For his unique work on the Bus Batteries (he has special devices)

Andy Miller – for his time spent with Tom Dews towards his 16th birthday solo and also for time with Simon to re-validate his licence

Phil woods – Work on producing a Gliding certificate for trial lessons to take away with them!

Merv and Shaun for their work on the bus – good to see Shaun at launchpoint today enjoying a flight or two

Phil Holmes for doing his “Ghostbusters” impression with a tank of  weedkiller strapped to his back around the compound and clubhouse

Jim Hasker and Andy Miller for their DI activities this weekend, also Gaz and John for their DP duties

And finally – Steve Tape for his theory on why convertable drivers are bald!!!! Genious!

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Next Saturday (10th September)

All, Jo G. has offered to cook us Spag Bol for us after flying on Saturday.  Please can you let Jo know before Thursday evening if you wish to eat.

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Sunday 4th September

A slow’ish start again today, but things picked up pace pretty quickly. The Hilperton Scouts were flying today, who were all great to fly with, also providing fantastic help at the launch point all day.  Thanks Hilperton crew!!!

Some achievements today as well:

Jonno Williams – Silver Height in his Conrete Swan (DNE)

Paul Randell – Bronze soaring leg in the K21

Dan – (A new Air cadet instructor) soloed at keevil and converted to the K18 also achieving a bronze leg!

The day finished with the falke just arriving back in time after towing our K21 to Upavon before the rain hit hard! The K21 will be returned before normal club operations next weekend!

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Saturday 3rd September

It was a slow start to the day with a couple of MT issues and a low cloudbase.  Unfortunately it wasn’t a great turnout, however we did with soaring flights under the top cover.  The day then improved into the late afternoon.

Those who were there today had a great day and filled their boots.

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