Bannerdown News - From August 2011

Bank Holiday Monday

It was a fairly busy Bank Holiday Monday as the wind decreased from the previous day and the sun showed itself, well at least for a few hours.  It looked as though the ridge should have worked today but a little bit to much west in the upper wind, although the ridge was a good source of thermals.

I worked my way North of Hullavington in thermals where I managed to establish in wave for a short while.  Now that the Lyneham zone is deactivated this opens up all sorts of options for potential winter wave flights… (Arran)  Jon Arnold then borrowed JKX and dissappeared into the moronosphere for a couple hours.

Also, Phil Woods claimed his Silver Height at last previous claims were unsuccessful due to logger fafs.  Phil went soaring for over two hours in his Astir along with Ben Dews in his Astir, so why didn’t the K6E stay up?  Rick Fretwell also converted to the LS-8 in 18m mode and enjoyed an extended soaring flight into the early evening.

Overall, plently of soaring and smiles, a brilliant bank holiday monday.  See you next weekend.

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Sunday 28th August

Welcome to Autumn… It was a cool windy day with showers on and off through out the day.  At one point there were some sparks visible in the cloud to the North, which obviously stopped flying for a short while.  As the decision was being made at the launch point Oz drove down from the winch refusing to be at the bottom end of a cable being directed towards an active Cu-Nimb… quite rightly too!  After the days flying we had a nice little Bar-B-Q that left everyone content after the days flying.  Thanks To Hazel’s trip(S) to the supermarket for the grub.

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Bank Holdiday News

BBQ Planned for the Saturday night (27th August) – and we have the airfield for the whole 3 days! Come down, stay and enjoy the weekend!

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Sunday 21st August

(from Ian Harris)

The busiest Sunday we have had for a long time! We flew Scouts, trial lessons and enjoyed some great Soaring in the afternoon. Great to see Oz back in the air again after some medical leave!

Well done to Mike Swanson for his TMG rating in the Falke and also Mark Critchlow has renewed his currency on the Falke.
We had a slight halt to our flying in the afternoon- but no one argued as it was to watch a Spitfire display on its transit to Oxford.

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Saturday 20th August

(from Ian Harris)

Low cloud and showers hampered our efforts until about 2pm, but what a contrast – the Afternoon brought bright sunshine and some great flying. The non flying morning allowed us time to rig both the Janus and the K21, and wash the odd trailer or two!

A rather unusual colour K18 (R33) has arrived as we wave goodbye to R43 which has retunred to Cosford. R33 will be with us until R32 has been finished. Well done to Rick for all the work done so far!
A warm Welcome to Dave & Liz stones who returned for the day – possibly with Dave feeling the bug once again……….

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