Bannerdown News - From July 2011

Club Members in Display at RIAT

Some of the gliders owned by Al Stacey took part in a flypast at the Royal International Air Tattoo at the weekend forming part of the Air Cadet 70th Anniversary display.  

The first formation consisted of a Tiger Moth, Chipmunch, Bulldog and Tutor.  The second formation a Venture and Vigilant (Grob 109).  

The third formation was however a little different – five gliders towed behind three tugs.   Al’s T-21 Sedbergh (WB981) and T.45 Swallow (XS651) behind a Chipmunk leading the T30B Prefect (WE992) and T31B Cadet MKIII (XA310) behind a Cub, followed by a Viking (Grob 103) behind a Robin.

With the aircraft being pulled together at Hullavington on Tuesday, practice on Wednesday and display approval on Thursday, the weather just held for displays on Friday and Sunday.  With members John Williams, Phil Woods and Al Stacey in aircraft during the displays. 

The display was mentioned in the RIAT closing event by Air Commadore Nigel Wharmby of the Air Tattoo’s Flying Control Committee. “The display with training aircraft and gliders was truly remarkable given that the wind and weather made conditions phenomenally difficult,” he said, adding: “I salute you.”

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Sunday 3rd July

I wasn’t there on Sunday but I can only assume the weather was similiar to Saturday, but perhaps the visibility may not have been so good.  I have been informed of some achievements;

Neil Maloney – Manged silver height

Mike Swanston – Some cross-country

Also, we have to welcome Sam Roddie who joined Bannerdown.  Sam is a junior competition pilot and a BI (who has now completed his BI acceptance checks with Ian H.), I’m sure everyone will make him feel welcome at Bannerdown.

Finally a thankyou to Al Stacey for sorting out the rubbish, it’s not a pleasant job and please see the relevant emails on how we can help make dealing with the rubbish a much easier task.

See you all next weekend, hopefully there should be some gliding on Friday so keep you eyes peeled for Mike Knells/Ian Harris’s email.

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Saturday 2nd July

Amazing, 4,500ft cloudbase by 1030hrs and thermals upto 8kts, with 5kts being the average.  Where was everyone???  Although there weren’t a huge number of people we did manage a lot of soaring with some notable achievements;

Harry Williams – converted to K18 and managed a 2hr soaring flight

Lech – Converted to the K18

Arran Armstrong – 300km flight to Telford and back (see

Also, a couple of thank yous;  Merv managed to fix the water leak in the frist nissan.  Also, Rick and Al spent the day serviceing the Falke and giving up a good soaring day, it is appreciated.

Unfortunately, mid afternoon there was a lot of spreadout, which scuppered much of the cross-country plans, however it was still very soarable locally.  An excellant day finished off with some drinks and fish & chips.

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Friday 1st July

Several club members turned up for a very pleasant evening with the Barge, K21 and K18 taking launches.  Some people were still saoring at 2000hrs.  In total we had 32 launches.  Look out for emails regarding another Friday evening flying event.

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