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Sunday 26th June

Completely different from Saturday, mainly blue and was really hot, especially in the gliders.  The wind was a little undecided with two end changes during the day.  There was plently of local soaring with a few trial lessons during the day who all enjoyed themselves.  Some did venture a little further away but the climbs were difficult and typically topped out around 2,000 to 2,300ft.

A couple of achievements; Jon Lomas converted to the Discus-B and Rick Fretwell completed his NPPL.

A good day with not so great conditions, did I mention how hot it was in the gliders…

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Saturday 25th June

Not a great day taking into account with just past the summer solstice.  Started the day with ~800ft cloud base, which was disappointing as we had to turn away some trial lessons that had come down to Keevil.  But during the course of the day some short soaring was managed and some training.

We have to thank Merv for fixing the water pipe that had a tent peg driven through it, so the toilets and showers are back on-line now.  Also, Andy Smith and Oz managed to fix the Skylaunch brakes and replace one of the Dyneema cables, just in time for the other winch to break down.  So if there are any willing volunteers to help Oz and Andy Smith with the winches/MT let them know.

On Saturday evening after a take away curry, Bob Bromich gave us a lecture on his recent trip to Aboyne where he flew 42hrs in two weeks.  There were some magnificent pictures, especially of the massive eagle flying ithin arms reach of Bob’s canopy.  The lecture was excellant and delivered in Bob’s unique style with his super zoom lense and interesting background into the sights, i.e. Strike force command that was once located at Banff.  Thanks Bob for a great talk.

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Saturday 18th June: Longest Day Party

As usual we celebrated the longest day with an early start followed by a Hog Roast and entertainment in the evening. There were about 8 brave members who climbed out of their beds at 0330hrs and first launch was at 0429hrs!!!

We had some good early morning flights until some showers started interrupting us. Once all the equipment and gliders were packed away we enjoyed on of the best spreads ever, with a hog, pasta, potato salad, dessert, etc… absolutely superb!

The band “Panama” played from 2100hrs in the Nissin hut, which proved a great success. Panama kept us throwing shapes on the dance floor until midnight, some members had some rather interesting and unique dance moves…

Thanks to Adam for liaising and securing the band.

As with any event, nothing would get done with out the support of our members. Which included preparation, errecting the Marquee, setting up the Nissin, stocking the bar, etc. So thanks to all involved.

We’d like to extend special tanks to;

Cookie – found (from a butcher!), bought, prepared and looked after the hog for the whole day on saturday.

Jo Geraghty, Ali Arnold and our guest scout leader Becka for preparing all the supporting food for the hog roast, which took most of saturday.

Neal and Ben for their stints on the bar.

All in all, a great day for everyone.

One final event of the saturday, the new bus did it’s “first solo”!!! Rather a funny moment but less said the better…

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Soaring Week Summary

What a fantastic week, absolutely skill on toast!!! Here’s a quick summary of what happened; Cross country flown = 1820km, Field Landings = 1, Scheduled landouts = 2 (50km to Lasham), Solo = 1, Re-solo = 1, Bronze Legs = 3, XC Endorsements = 3, Silver Heights = 1, Bronze Completion = 1, Conversions = 4, Sports Aerobatics badge = 1, Aerotow conversion = 1 TOTAL ACHIEVEMENTS (not incl. flights longer than silver distance) = 18!!! A fantastic soaring / task week. Lots of achievements and all those wishes to attempt something new were also achieved! A big thankyou goes to Steve Tape for his early starts and continued support for the week with all task settings, briefings and commitment to all the pilots. Steve wishes to add; “I would like to thank everbody for all their help and commitment in return for making it such a successful week, whether support while I ran the ground, or support for running the ground and creating a slick operation – winch driving, retrieve, launchpoint operation etc…..finally – well done everyone! Great week!” Lets look forward to the next one!!

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Friday 4th June

Sky looked awesome, unfortunately the wind made things rather difficult.
Jon A and Gaz set off on tasks and enjoyed themselves. Always worth giving it a try!
Ian Francis completed one of his weeks ambitions and converted to Aerotow. Also completed his XC Endorsement following a field landing session with Al
Al and Terry enjoyed a trip in the Falke to the Isle of Wight
Phil Woods achieved his Silver Height
Ian H converted to Discus 2
The day ended up flying 16 Trial lessons in both the Acro and the K21 – thanks to everyone as always that Helped
Thanks to Steve for the task setting and morning briefing.
A full summary of the soaring week will be out soon!

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Thursday 2nd June 2011

Not quite as good as it looked from the ground, but still a day full of achievements and excitement.
– Mike Swanson – 50k to Lasham – Fantastic achievment (Completes his full silver!!!) Well done
– Will Trojak – Bronze Leg
– Harry Williams – One hour flight – Bronze leg (and also 1 hour towards XC Endorsement)
– Ben Dews – Not as lucky as Mike, nevertheless, a first outlanding with no snags! A great confidence booster!!
– Jon Lomas – Great effort, unfortunately the K18 didnt quite have the drive into wind as the Astir that made it – Loads more chances this year to do it!
– Arran A, Jon A, Andy S and Andy Miller (With Neil Maloney) all went XC and enjoyed themselves
– Al Stacey even was seen taking to the air in his Skylark!
– Ian H and Ron P converted to the Skylark 4
– Pascal Munster enjoyed 2.5 hours soaring in the K18 (Towards his XC Endorsement)
– Lynda D enjoyed some local soaring and took Andy Mason from Wittering with her on one of her flights.
– Steve Tape converted to the ASW24 and still went XC (with its great performance still within gliding range)
What an amazing week this has been so far! Again, as always thanks to Steve for his Task setting and organising and everyone else that stayed on the ground to contibute their help towards all the achievments above.

Also, thanks to Harry Williams for feeding us all last night, I think it was called a Jumbleweed or something similar…  It tasted great!

Tomorrow night we have a trial lesson evening so help from members will be most appreciated, the trial lesson is due to begin at 1700hrs.

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Wednesday 1st June (the 2nd Day!)

(from Ian Harris)

Not quite as booming as yesterday – nevertheless…some good but challenging flying
Steve T, Arran A, Jon A, Andy Smith and Ian H (with Will Trojak as rear seat) went on a 105km Task
– Will Trojak resoloed
– Ian Francis & Lynda davies underwent Aerotow training
– Mike S continued his GPS Logger battles
– Local soaring was enjoyed by others
Again, thanks to Steve for his efforts as task setter and organiser for the day, and Andy Miller for ground supervision.

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