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Tuesday 31st May (1st day of the Soaring week)

Booming with could bases up to 5,500ft and thermals of 2-6knots, obviously lots of soaring. Also, we had some achievements;

– Harry Williams: First Solo

– Neal Wreford: Re-solo and then 1hour soaring flight for bronze leg

– Adam Berrisford: 50km Silver flight to Lasham, thus full silver-C

– Mike Swason: 3.5hrs soaring + silver height (again!!!)

– Ben Dews: 3hrs40mins soaring

– Andy Miller (Jon Lomas as P2), Andy Smith, Jon Arnold and Arran Armstrong all went cross-country of various lengths

– Also, plenty of other local soaring flight by other members

Also, a big thanks to Al Stacey for instructing today and also to Steve Tape for acting as the duty instructor and keeping us all in line, as well as aero-tow retrieving the K18 from Lasham with Al Stacy.

A great day, lets hope tomorrow is as successful.

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Payment by Cheque

Note: With effect from Saturday 18 June 2011 cheques must be made payable to ‘Service Funds RAF Brize Norton’ due to the club bank account moving to Brize Norton.

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Weekend 14/15th May

(from Ian Harris, CFI)

Windy! Difficult..not even a main run weekend..using runway 31! I must say well done to all…for airmanship and understanding the difficult run. Good high circuits and steep approaches by all that flew! Good to see…never worry about landing slightly long..a glider pushed on tarmac is easier to deal with than untangling it from the undershoot barbed wire fence!
Well done to all

Hall of Fame and thankyou’s
Well done to Ben Dews for passing his Nav XC Diploma test in the Falke with Al
Steve Tape converted to the ASW20L
Paul Gaunt converted to te K13 Solo – K18 next!
Arran for paying a shedload into the clubs finances chasing wave – taking an Aerotow to 5000ft!
And i suppose i have to be modest and admit i spent some time in Kitchen cooking a spag bol Saturday night!

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Trial Lessons Night Friday 13th May

(from Ian Harris)

Thanks to everyone that turned out to help, whether instructors or ground crew. Our first night went really well with everyone pitching in to make the night slick and a success! Well done to all….there are many nights to follow. Lets hope we keep up the standards!! Some TL’s have even expressed an interest in joining the club! Exactly what we need!

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Sunday 8th May

Sunday was once again windy at 15kt with stronger gusts, however this did not stop the soaring.  The cloud base was approximately 2,500ft by 1030hrs and the thermals started before that.  We were operating off runway 20 and the K13 managed a launch of 2,100ft.  Later in the day Brian Polson was spotted in the K13 just about to enter the mesosphere as the cloud base improved during the day.   Also, thanks to Oz for some great winch driving with no broken weak-links or cables, unusual in the gusty conditions. Congratulations to Rick Fretwell on passing his navigation test in the Falke.

We packed up fairly early on Sunday as everyone had filled their boots but the thermals were still going with average climbs of 5kts reported during the day.

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Saturday 7th May

Saturday;  I wasn’t around during the day but it looked like another windy day, which was cut short by a heavy thunderous shower.  I assume there must have been some stonking lift up to this point.  However there were achievements;  Ben Dews completed a couple of Bronze legs, well done.

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Wednesday 04 May

Today there were blue thermals. There were wave-like clouds above – but no-one got into wave. The thermals were good and there was no doubt when you stumbled into one – as they were quite turbulent. Gliders Discus 547, ASK18 R43, ASW24 V17 and LS8 R3 were out and we made 14 winch launches starting at 1300.
The atmosphere was very clear looking up and very hazy looking down. Several Members flew above 5000 feet and the highest was Phil Goodwin to 5,500 feet. A very pleasant afternoon for all who participated. Congratulations to Jon Lomas, who easily did his Silver Height with a climb from 900 to 5,300 feet.
Thanks to all at Keevil.
Our MotorFalke, meanwhile, went on an adventurous flight to Lands End. The photo below shows the aircraft enoying some Cornish hospitality in a field near St Mawgan!!!!!
Mike Knell
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Fri 22nd Apr – 2nd May

The two bank holiday weekends gave a total of seven days available to flying.   The first weekend brought high temperatures with lots of soaring.  The second weekend high winds with lots of soaring.   Not often the LS8 does 1hr30, 3hrs then another 1hr in one day.

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