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We aim to paint the Clubhouse Terrace this weekend. So, as well as hooking on, logkeeping retrieving, winching and flying – you can add two interesting jobs: sandpapering and painting.

Our Neil Geraghty, one of the best professional painters in Wiltshire, will have all of the materials and will offer advice. (This could be useful in your home)

We only need 30 minutes each from a few volunteers. See Neil, when it is convenient to leave the Launch Point. You will have greater satisaction when enjoying the Clubhouse Terrace this Summer.


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Sunday 10th April

Sunday was another warm and blue day, unfortunately the thermals didn’t really materialise as they did yesterday.  However, we did manage to fly the scouts for most of the day in the T21.  The highlight of the day was when the scouts referred to Al’s T21 as “the old dented one”…

Gaz Baker passed his BI acceptance checks with Ian, so congratualtions Gaz!  Nick Jefferies completed his annual field landing checks with Al, afterwards Andy Smith decided to play hide and seek with Nick… We also had a brave visitor from the park who ventured as far as Keevl where he required an aerotow retrieve behind FD at the end of the day.

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Saturday 9th April

A glorious day on the airfield with the sun out all day.  Unfortunately it was a ‘blue’ day, however there was plently of lift about with climbs of 4knts reports and gliders reaching 4,000ft above the airfield.  Everybody filled their boots with Ian Harris converting to a ASW20 at the end of the day.  There was still lift present when we were packing up, but unforfortunately there was no-one else wanting to fly.  Thank to Neil G. who ran a slick operation at the launch point.

After flying we all retired to the club house for a few drinks and a great Bar-B-Q organised by Jo G., it was a pleseant evening of a few drinks and food eaten out on the terrace, maybe summer really is on the way…

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The hottest day of the year, so far. Blue sky. Wind from SSW. Choice of Winch and Aerotow. About eight Members present and R12, R43 and V17 were out. There were some promising wave clouds in the morning – but in the afternoon, there was a little wave, some rotor and some thermal. Very smooth air from 2000 to 3000 feet – but turbulence below. Everyone filled their boots with the number and duration of their flights. It was nice sitting on the Clubhouse terrace at 6PM with a drink and the clear atmosphere made Roundway Hill look very close.

Phil Goodwin back to flying – with a 1 hour solo in the K21.

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