Bannerdown News - From March 2011

Cross Country Endorsement

John Williams flew for 2 hours and 2 mins to complete the last part of his Cross Country Endorsement on the club expedition to Sutton Bank.

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Three New Basic Instructors

Arran Armstrong, Andy Smith and Ron Peach acheived there Basic Instructor rating.

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Recent News

 Note from Ian Harris

“After 10 years of progression with Bannerdown its an honour and a challenge for me to take over as CFI. My thanks go to Oscar for his extended comittment in the hand over period. I have many plans throughout 2011, all of which will be based on one thing in mind, Bannerdown’s members. The transition period for taking over from Oscar will be communicated soon.
Its my wish to help everyone achieve what they want to from the club, but to do that I will ask for everyones help and support. Open door policy, call me, ring me or speak to me on airfield.
I look forward to working with you all in the future!”
– Ian Harris
Bannerdown AGM
The number of people of attending the AGM was a little lower than last year, which was ashame as members missed out on dinner of Stew or Chicken with garlic sauce and Bacon, a desert that would lead to some serious health issues if not eaten in moderation and a spread of tempting cheeses.  Thanks to Ali A., Jo G., Sam A. and Louisa G. for feeding us all and thanks to all those members that helped with the AGM especially to Neil Wreford for cleaning up the next morning…! 
As you may or may not know our long standing leader, Oz, has stepped down as CFI and is now looking forward to relaxing and enjoying his flying.  Ian Harris has being appointed as our new CFI (see above a note from Ian), although there will be a change over period between Oz and Ian.  Once again a big thanks to Oz for his CFI duties over the years and good luck to Ian for the future.
Now for the award of the Bannerdown trophies, photos are located in the Bannerdown Gallery;
Pete Desmond = Bannerdown Bowl for Overall Merit
Andy Smith = Bannerdown Cup for Most Progress
Mike Knell = CFIs Cup
Rick Fretwell = JB for Unsung Hero
Steve Tape = Keevil Cup for Best Flight
Jon Arnold (again!) = Colerne Cup for Best Competition Result
Steve Tape = Findlay for Fastest Handicap Milk Run Flight
Al Stacey = Hog of the Year
Brian Poulsom = McPhee Award
Sunday 13th March
A good day when the sun came out to play for most of it. With a maximum cloud base of around 3,200ft reported and thermal strengths in the order of 2knots down the Vale of Pewsey all points to the beginning of the cross coutry season.
Saturday 12th March
Saturday started fairly slowly with our first launch not until after 1000hrs, which was a shame because it was soarable even at that time.  We managed a good number of launches with Arran Armstrong completeling his acceptance BI checks with Oz and Pascal (Herman the German!) converting to the K18.  Obviously this lead to some bell rings prior to the beginning of the AGM (more above).
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Saturday 5th March

No flying, motorsports although thanks to those that turned out to help with club maintenance
Sunday 6th March
The day statered off bitterly cold, yet even after the early start (flying before 10am!!) the K18 was seen soaring for 40 mins with John Williams which tempted the whole fleet out throughout the day – although we lost 16 for a while landing out at upavon. However, some Upavon members enjoyed a launch or two while it was there.
Once again we had Scouts today, and although we were very busy, we managed to get them all three launches each.
Congrats of the day go to Andy Smith & Ron peach for completing their acceptance checks as BI’s! Also for Andy Smith for converting to the ASW20! A beer was enjoyed by all
BOTH K18’s are now in the workshop. One needs an annual and one continues its restoration. If you feel you could help with either – Speak to Al or Rick.
Finally we wish  Adam Berrisford and Brian Poulsom good luck with their NPPL course this week run and managed by Pete Desmond!
Dont forget the clubs AGM next Saturday eve. Food at 6pm with the meeting at 7pm and a night in the bar afterwards! Look forward to seeing you all. If you havent yet responded please contact Ian Harris

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