Bannerdown News - From February 2011

CLUB AGM – 12th March 2011

All, please remember that it is the club AGM on the 12th March 2011, please Email Ian Harris or Mike Knell if you are attending as arrangements need to be made.
Sunday 27th Februrary
Started off with a cold start with an unexpected frost in the morning, although the wind was significantly less (at first) than yesterday and blowing from the west.  As the morning progressed we experienced some showers, deluges of rain and even hail at one point, the wind eventaully veered round to the north as the forecast occluded front passed by.  However the wind, rain and hail didn’t stop us from flying, albeit everyone was cold and wet by the end of the day.  We managed just shy of 50 launches with some short periods of soaring in between and of course, plenty of instructing.  On the achivements side; Andy Smith, Ron Peach and Arran Armstrong completed their BI course with Pete Desmond as we managed to use just about every minute of available daylight to complete the course.  A very big thank you to Pete for giving us his time, it was much appreciated.
Saturday 26th February
A windy (NNW),blustry day with a few showers upto 1300hrs after which the soaring began… The day was not forecast to be very good, however after the morning/lunchtime showers had gone through the sun came out and there were good thermals, the ridge was working and weak wave systems were present and the longest soaring flight was about 3hrs.  Also, thanks to Deb Hackett for the sausages and jackets (potatoes not coats!) after flying, exactly what was needed after a cold day on the airfield.
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Sunday 30th January

At last the sun… The wind had eased a little and the sun had come out to play, which made it feel warmer on the airfield and lifted our spirits, especially after some soaring.  we also had our first gaggle of 2011 with three/four gliders over the airfield all thermalling upwards, although rather slowly.  Bob Bromich managed 1.5hrs in his little glider (opposed to his big glider!), which consisted of thermal and ridge flying.  The motorglider was also out today and Andy Lazlo completed his navigation for his cross-country endorsement, looks like he’s making plans for some cross-country this summer.  Even though the weather was great (for January!) there were few people out on the airfield, so those of us on the airfield kept flying until we had enough and left enough daylight to de-rig the Janus which is now in for it’s annual, thanks to Bob Bromich for towing the beast.
Saturday 29th January
Saturday could only be described as cold… with a bitter easterly wind and cloud cover it certainly re-affirmed it was still winter.  We had quite a number of memebers turn up today, and we managed in excess of sixty flights with some soaring flights upto 40mins obtained, not bad for January!  However, we couldn’t decide where the lift was coming from? but we didn’t complain.  We had some of the army pilots from Upavon join us today, as their airfield was busy.  Everyone enjoyed themselves today, helped by the fact it was a “who can stay up the longest” day to amke it a little more interesting.  Also John Williams converted to the K18 which, as is standard practice at Bannerdown, warranted a round in the bar, cheers!
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