Bannerdown News - From January 2011


Sunday 23rd January
Today was a little better than saturday, with a stiff’ish north”ish wind which was just enough to keep people on the ridge for some reasonable flights with signs of wave, although visibility on the ridge was significantly reduced at points so a good look-out was required as it is all the time.  The Janus, LS-8 and K18 all had a good airing on the ridge, with the K21 busy with training.  Although the day was better than Saturday very few people turned out at the airfiled and missed out on a reasonable day of flying, however those that did turned up managed to fill there boots.  Alex Richards who has just started at Bannerdown managed nine instructional flights so she reaped the benefits of suffering the cold, we managed about 35-40 flights in total on Sunday and still packed up a little earlier than normal.
Don’t forget we have to de-rig the Janus this weekend coming, see you next weekend!!!
Saturday 22nd January
A grotty day with low cloud base and an undecided wind direction, but we still flew.  We flew about 30-35 launches on Saturday, a large number of which were training flights.  Ben converted to our K13 before being converted to the K18, all part of the not so subtle plan for obtaining some free conversion beers in the bar afterwards… Well done Ben!  Brian Polsume had a 2,000ft winch launch in the K18 and managed to contact wave, however the wave quickly collapsed after only gaining 500ft.  We did however, suffer a lack of winch drivers on saturday, remember that if you are a solo pilot and want to keep warm during the winter months ask one of the instructors that you would like to learn to winch, it is very simple and as they say “many hands make light work”.
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Saturday 8th January

The day started off slowly with the low cloud base and occasional rain, however it was forcast to improve.  As forecast the weather started to improve late morning so the airfield was setup and teasingly whilst setting up the airfield signs of wave started appearing, however as soon as the sun started getting some energy into the ground the unstable air became convective, although not really useable for a short while.  Attempts were made to contact the wave, however this did not prove successful.  It turned out to be a windy day with a good number of launches, a few of the approaches early in the day looked some what rough, great fun…
Sunday 9th Janaury
Sunday was forecast to be a sunny day with a moderate westly breeze, it was.  However some of the roads were dangerously icey earlier in the morning so please be careful on your way to the airfield.  We managed approximately 60 launches with a huge demand on the two seaters and I believe that a few people were disappointed that they did not get as much flying in as they would of liked, although in hindsight there was the opportunity on saturday to fill their boots.  Fortunately we managed to fly everybody that turned up on Sunday, although we did have to put the equipment away in the dark.  But many thanks to Merv as we now have some new flood lights in the hanger which makes life so much easier, thanks Merv!  Also, the K21 was derigged in preparation for its annual maintenance and the Discus is now back online.
We also had a couple of achievements on Sunday; Steve Tape has regained his Full Cat instructor rating and Bob Bromich flew the beehive with Richie Arnall (a new experience for them both).  Obviously, as normal with achievements, these were converted into beer credits in the bar afterwards!!!
On another more worrying note we have heard some rumours around the club that the instructors have started a instructing for reward system!!! Apparently an instructor requested their car to be washed in return for some instruction to a student?  Anybody interested in becoming an instructor should consult the BGA website…
All in all, a great weekend, see you next week.
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Sunday 2nd January

No soaring but plenty of flying was had. Two of Slingsby’s finest emerged from tha hangar at the same time! 

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