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K18 – R32 Annual Maintenance

R32 will need de-rigging and moving into the RH workshop no later than close of play Sunday 24 Feb. The annual maintenance and ARC will begin on 25 Feb, led by Al Stacey. Al will be very grateful for help so contact either Al or me if you can help out in any way – even an hour will benefit the Club. If people can lend a hand, we should be able to get the glider back on line for the following weekend.

Date posted: February 16, 2013 by Carl

Inter-Club League – P2 required

I’ll be looking for a P2 to sit in the back of Duo XLT ’16’ for the Inter-Club from Mendip at the end of July (for just one day). This is exactly what we’ll have 16 for! I’ll pay for two thirds of the flight and I’ll ask the P2 to pay one third. I know our CFI is deciding whether it might be safer to operate the Duo from Keevil so we might have to fly over to Mendip to make a start. To get the most from a potential XC flight, the P2 should be post bronze, be prepared to spend most of the day in the glider and not suffer from airsickness although we’ll share the flying (I’ll reserve the right to do the difficult bits!). GSH preferable; FSH not required etc…

Catch me at the Club…


Date posted: by Carl

16 Turbo DI Guide and Fuel ‘how to’ guide

A revised Turbo DI guide and a Turbo fuel ‘How to’ guide have been added to the website. Please take a look so you are ready to take advantage of our new glider.

Date posted: February 3, 2013 by Carl

The new 16

Our new Duo Discus XLT ’16’ has now been test flown at the factory in Germany and is ready for collection. Plans are being made to collect it as soon as we can. Come out and fly it!

Date posted: February 1, 2013 by Carl

Interclub League 2013 – be part of it!

Calling All Budding XC Pilots for a bit of competitive fun!

What is Interclub league you may ask? Well, I will do my best to explain……

5 clubs are part of the local league this year. Upavon, The Park, Mendip, Dorset and us.  Each club hosts a weekend, so there’s five weekends and ten flying days.

Each flying day we aim to send three pilots. A Novice, an Intermediate and a Pundit.

Novice – Anyone who has never flown a comp and up to 300km

Intermediate – Anyone who has a 300k under their belt or a competition

Pundit – Anyone with a 500k.

Its my belief that people can “step up a level” to fill places, but cannot step down. Steve Tape for example can not be an Intermediate as he is a jammy git and got his 500k.

Its a brilliant chance to have a few flying days away from your home airfield.

To cover GSA rules, we will ensure a GSA instructor is present at as many event as possible.  Anyone with a Bronze & XC Endoresment (And current field landing check from Keevil)  may enter in their own right.

There may even be a few instructors that will want to utilise our new Duo to enable lesser experienced pilots to come enjoy the thrill of cross country flying.

Each pilot can only fly four of the total ten days. This is to eliviate pressures on clubs and their fleet.

So, who is up for showing the South West that we are the best soaring club?

Andy Smith has kindly volunteered to run this having done all the ground work. Please contact Andy Smith if you want to pencil your name to the list and express what you would like to fly. I would be happy to allow club gliders to enter on selected days, but naturally want to keep a balance to ensure we dont take the whole fleet away.

Lets get names on the list and we can look into it with more detail later.

Another new string to BGC’s bow.

Date posted: January 20, 2013 by admin

Success starts early this year!

Congratulations to Luke Knight who flew his first solo today at the age of 15.

Luke Knight after his first solo

Luke started flying with Bannerdown after Abbeyfield School visited in the Summer and is Bannerdown’s youngest first solo.

Date posted: January 1, 2013 by admin

Christmas Bronze course gets results!

‎3 bronze ground exams complete, 2 bronze flying checks complete, 2 field landing people signed off. Not bad considering the conditions we had for our Bronze Christmas Course. Wind, Rain, Flooding didn’t stop 3 happy customers. Well done to all.

Date posted: December 30, 2012 by admin

R12 and R3 Annual Maintenance and ARCs

All paperwork to renew both the annual maintenance and ARCs for R12 and R3 have been completed. Many thanks to those that lent a hand.

Help required in Jan 13 for the Annual Maintenance and ARC renewal for Discus 547!

Date posted: December 2, 2012 by Carl

Fantastic Flying, Food & Fireworks!

The clubhouse was bursting at the seams on Saturday night for Bannerdown’s Bonfire & Fireworks Party.

Guy Westgate started the event at dusk, with a spectacular aerobatic display in the GliderFX Fox with added pyrotechnics.

Guy Westgate Display

After the flying, Jo and Ali provided a full three course dinner to the hungry crowd and the bonfire was lit.  With perhaps a little too much propellant, the bonfire didn’t take long to burn down to a mass of burning hot embers.

Dave Holley treated us to another dazzling fireworks display this time lighting up the night sky from the ground.


A big thank you all those involved in the evenings entertainment.  The clubhouse was buzzing for several hours afterwards.

Date posted: November 18, 2012 by admin

Weather Station for the Airfield Bus

I have an unused Oregon Wireless weather station that I am happy to donate to the Club for installation in the Airfield bus. The digital base station and display can run from mains power but the anemometer, rainfall bucket and temperature and humidity sensors are all wireless and battery powered. It would enable us to have accurate real time weather readings on the bus as well as displaying the trends over the day. All good stuff for a glider pilot and useful for airfield management. I suggest the base unit needs a wall mounted bracket (so it doesn’t get lost and/or broken). The anemometer will need a pole to get it up a short distance from the roof whereas the other sensors can be mounted directly on the bus itself. Maybe the anemometer can share the lights pole?

I would install it but I’m now engaged in glider maintenance and it would make a really good short project for a willing volunteer. To do a really good job would take probably just 3-4 hours. I am next at the Club on Sunday 18 Dec and will bring the set with me.

Date posted: November 10, 2012 by Carl