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Sam solo’s on 14th Birthday!

Congratulations to Sam Arnold who completed her first solo on her 14th Birthday!

Sam after Solo

Sam’s solo is another record for Bannerdown being the first time someone has flown solo on their 14th birthday!

Date posted: May 27, 2014 by admin

Another First Solo!

Robert after his first solo with his instructor Bob

Congratulations to Robert on completing his first solo in the K13 at the weekend.    Pictured here with his instructor Bob.

Well Done!

Date posted: April 14, 2014 by admin

A great evening at the Bannerdown AGM

The club AGM was held on Saturday night with the Steeple Ashton village hall packed with club members.

The evening started with the usual formalities of the AGM, a review of the previous year and an insight into what’s around the corner.   Andy Miller gave a short presentation on EASA Licensing changes and the annual Awards were given out.

The village pub, ‘The Longs Arms” catered and ran the bar for the evening.  A tasty lasagne and a lovely apple crumble for the hungry members.  They even made a special trip from the pub with some chocolate ice cream for one of the younger ones.

After dinner, a fantastic presentation by Guy Westgate on the challenges faced organising the Paralympics Flypast.  Aerobility and disabled pilot David Rawlins flew over the London Olympic Stadium to open the 2012 Paralympic Games. If you missed it – check out this website!   It shows just part of it.

Date posted: March 17, 2014 by admin

Pilot Licence Conversion

Pilot Licence Conversion

The BGA has published a presentation designed to help pilots understand
the basics of the EASA Part-FCL pilot licence conversion process.

The presentation was originally used during our recent regional meetings
on the subject and, although not intended to replace the detailed
conversion guidance supplied on the EASA Licensing web page at, it
provides an easy to understand guide to the basic principles and
procedures. If you have not yet applied (or started thinking about
applying for) your SPL or LAPL(S), then it would be well worth having a

The presentation is at

You can view the update by going clicking the following link;

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Another Solo!

Congratulations to Kevin George on his first Solo!

Kevin George Solo

Kevin is pictured here with his instructor Bob.

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Youngest Bannerdown Solo yet!

Congratulations to Charlotte Acton on going solo on 29th December 2013!    Charlotte at 14 is the youngest person to solo at Keevil.   She is pictured here with Carl Peters the instructor that sent her. Charlotte has been enjoying a grant from the Caroline Trust to help her finance her training. Great effort and perfect ending to 2013.

Charlotte Post Solo with Carl

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Duo Discus XLT

IMPORTANT. The Duo Discus Annual Maintenance expires on 28 Jan 14. The glider cannot be flown until the Annual Maintenance is revalidated. This is in hand and the glider will be back available to fly soon.

Date posted: January 26, 2014 by Carl

Bannerdown’s Skylaunch Returns!

Our Skylaunch Winch will return to RAF Keevil on Sat 11 Jan 14, looking like new and with a more powerful engine fitted. All the better for launching our two-seat gliders!

Date posted: January 10, 2014 by Carl

Logbook Manager


I am looking for a volunteer for a quick, easy and repetitive job. Once a month we need to update the Club glider logbooks with the total hours flown and launches made by each glider. Using the Logstar Stats programme this will take about five minutes (for all six gliders) and then about the same time to write these figures on the DI sheet in the relevant logbook.

Can you help? I’m DI on Sunday and please let me know if you could take on this easy but really helpful task.  I will provide full training!


Date posted: December 9, 2013 by Carl

Upgrades continue…

The RAF GSA is sending Bannerdown’s K21, R12, to have it’s surface re-finished – in the mean time we have a loaner from Halton, R28,

R12 will be back next year looking like new.

Date posted: December 7, 2013 by admin