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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?
Gliding is a remarkably affordable form of aviation, you can view our full fee structure on the fees page.

I am a service person, what does it cost?
This gliding club is set up for service personnel. Because of this we offer substantial membership subsidies for service personnel. Visit our fees page for further details.

Can I just turn up and have a go?
Yes, we operate on Saturdays and Sundays throughout the year (weather permitting), you can turn up and we will get you flying as soon as possible.
***But you need to read the safety brief before arriving on the airfield.***

Do I need to book a time to turn up?
No, because our gliding is restricted by the weather and military activity we are unable to guarantee times. To be sure you don't make a wasted trip please call the Launch point on the day to find out if we are operating: 07958 570 587. Military activity on a weekend is quite rare but does take priority. In terms of weather, even on gloomy days we are very likely to be operating. Rain and/or very high winds are about the only conditions that stop flying.

Can I have another go?
Yes not a problem, we would love for you to fly again. A trial lesson entitles you to one months membership, the cost of and any other flights you take in that month are detailed on our fees page.

How do I book a trial lesson or get hold of a voucher to make a gift?
Visit our 'Book a Trial Lesson page' to Book a lesson.
Visit our 'Trial Lessons' page to find out how to buy a trial lesson voucher to send as the perfect gift.

How do I book a Group Flying Evening?
Email with a subject of 'Group Flying'. You can find out more about Evening Group Flying by clicking here. We can also suggest catering options for after group evening events.

How does the glider get airborne?
There are two methods for getting airborne:

  • Winch Launch - Bannerdown winches will launch the gliders to an average of 1500ft.
  • Aerotow - Our Falke motorglider can also be used to tow gliders into the air.

Can I take a camera up in the Glider?
You sure can! Feel free to take as many photos as you please. The views are outstanding so it's great to capture the scene. However, there's nothing like seeing it for yourself! For safety we will ask you to keep your camera secure and stowed away during take off and landing. Don't forget to have a go when you instructor lets you!

Can my family/friends come and watch me go flying?
Yes - not a problem, but like you they need to read the safety brief and must not wonder around the airfield unsupervised.

Is there any information I need to read or give to my family/friends?
We have produced a leaflet all about gliding at Bannerdown, and you can download it here.

Do I have to fill in any forms before I can fly?
Yes, you have to fill in a temporary membership form which you can do when you arrive.

Why is it such good value?
The club is run by its members and everyone pitches in. Therefore, the price we charge to fly represents the real cost. Any profits we make are marginal and are all put back into bettering the club. Our members are enthusiastic and friendly that want to make gliding accessible to everyone.