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Club Gliders

Club Two Seat Gliders

Duo Discus XLT
Glider Type : Duo Discus XLT
Registration: G-SAXL
Competion Number: : 16
Owner(s): BGC
Glider Type : ASK21
Registration: G-CKJP
Competion Number: : R12
Owner(s): BGC
Glider Type : ASK21
Registration: G-
Competion Number: : R20
Owner(s): BGC
Glider Type : ASK13
Registration: G-CJMW
Competion Number: : R61
Owner(s): BGC

Club Single Seater Gliders

Schemp-Hirth Discus CS
Glider Type : Schemp-Hirth Discus CS
Owner(s): BGC
R10 replacement Coming Soon!
Glider Type : LS8
Registration: G-CJOD
Competion Number: : R3
Owner(s): BGC
Glider Type : ASK18
Registration: G-CJPO
Competion Number: : R32
Owner(s): BGC

Club Motor Gliders

Rotax Falke Motor Glider
Glider Type : Rotax Falke Motor Glider
Registration: G-CDFD
Owner(s): BGC

Private Owner Gliders

Nimbus 4T
Glider Type : Nimbus 4T
Registration: G-CJCT
Competion Number: : 176
Owner(s): Ted Richards
Ventus 2
Glider Type : Ventus 2
Registration: G-CKDO
Competion Number: : 808
Owner(s): Mike Edwards
Schempp-Hirth Discus 2c
Glider Type : Schempp-Hirth Discus 2c
Registration: G-SAJA
Competion Number: : JA
Owner(s): Jon and Alison Arnold

Astir CS77
Glider Type : Astir CS77
Registration: G-CGEB
Owner(s): Tim Dews
Grob 103 Twin Astir
Glider Type : Grob 103 Twin Astir
Registration: G-DEWZ
Competion Number: : EZE
Owner(s): Tim Dews
Glider Type : ASW20
Registration: G-DFAF
Competion Number: : 271
Owner(s): Andy Miller, Andy Smith

Glider Type : ASG29
Registration: G-CKOE
Competion Number: : 290
Owner(s): Bob Bromwich
Glider Type : DG505
Registration: G-BZYG
Competion Number: : 94
Owner(s): Bob Bromwich
Motor Janus
Glider Type : Motor Janus
Registration: G-BMBJ
Competion Number: : BJ
Owner(s): Andy Miller, Richie Arnall and Mark Critchlow

Ventus A
Glider Type : Ventus A
Registration: G-OSDF
Competion Number: : 840
Owner(s): Simon Foster