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Keevil Airfield
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Steeple Ashton
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By Road

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Keevil airfield is situated off of the A350 between Melksham and Trowbridge. It has good access to the M4 motorway via Chippenham.

To get to the airfield from Melksham, you need to take the A350 towards Trowbridge and keep following the signs. Once you come to the roundabout where the A350 meets the A361 you need to take the 2nd exit and proceed along that road for 1.5 miles, where you need to turn left towards 'Steeple Ashton', take this road all the way through the village.


Once you have been through the village you need to turn left once again, the turning is signposted 'Keevil Airfield', carry on down this track for 1 mile where once again there is a turning left, take this turning which takes you into the airfield.

These maps will get you to the gate (it should be locked). Call us from there on 07958 570587 and we will pick you up.

(Note: This number is only answered when the club is operating.)

Read the safety brief before entering. An airfield can be a dangerous place: you should not drive around unescorted.

Click here for the Google Maps link to Steeple Ashton.

Local Map


By Air

This airfields is strictly PPR; please don’t arrive by air.
To request access, please contact us by phone, email or Facebook.

Keep clear unless you have co-ordinated with Bannerdown on 129.980.
Intermittent military activity on any day of the week, generally camouflaged and on UHF, makes it unwise to plan on either landing at Keevil or even using it as a turning point.

Powered Aircraft
Please stay away unless you have pre-booked with HQHF.
During Bannerdown operating times pre-book and notify either the CFI or the Duty Instructor (Club telephone numbers) and co-ordinate with Bannerdown on 129.980

Any aircraft with an emergency will be offered all possible assistance.

Notes For All Users
Almost none of the grass areas are fit for landing.
Do not fly overhead joins (winch launching to 3,000’)
We are at 51o 18.956N 002o 06.515W BGA Turning Point KEE

Keevil Airfield